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Re: [UPDATE] Graphic/Logo upload

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I never should give a date for release, things always fall apart!

I had to delay finishing the mod until today. So, anyone who is interested, get your orders in, and I'll mail it out about 9pm Eastern time. I'll be up most of the night after that working on the rest of it, and this is my #1 priority the next 2-3 days (hospital visits aside).

It compiles, and I have new templates done, and now I just need to do some cleaning up and getting rid of some debugging hacks.

I'll have a demo site you can play with hopefully as well as as putting a 140x90 size-restricted version on the FAQ site.

The postcards.cgi mod will follow this, then then the 02 versio of the upload mod is next on the release, with additional file upload options and post-upload image processing -- such as thumbnailing, borders, shadows and rotations. ImageMagick _not_ required, but I have no way to test if it works on Windows based machines, or just Unix.

This 01.xx mod requires Image::Size to be installed, and the 02.xx version will also require Net::PBM to be installed. These are CPAN modules, and are what actually do the low-level graphics processing.

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