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That is what the plug-in does. It allows one attachment to the link record. I've made some significant logic changes, and really made this graphic specific. I don't think anyone was using just the file-upload portion. (I will still release that seprately once this is fixed up, since the file-upload is only getting rid of the code to check for graphics).

User-modify should really require the admin to approve it, but what I'm doing is _hopefully_ supporting the 3 options Alex has added into the admin -- Verify, UserDirectMod and NoVerify -- so the behaviour will follow the admin defaults.

As always, I started tweaking the code, and ended up rewriting it. Modify is still a bit quirky, but that is being worked on, and as stated will follow the updated 'add' release by a few days.

The "add" portion now has really good error checking and reporting. It only adds a link/file _IF_ there were no errors in any portion of the record. It can generate the add_error page whenever enough errors hit (meaning it tries to pick up as many errors as it can on each pass, not one error at a time), and if any errors exists before an 'add', so the user can fix them, and it tries to preserve the uploaded file if the file uploaded OK, but the input data didn't match.

Whew.... Complete rewrite of the add routine (and integration of add.cgi into the plug-in itself).

I also made the install.pm smarter, with better error checking and reporting.

I've got to clean up the changes I made, make sure the "preserve" codes work, and then I can release this. I figure about 2-3 more hours of work, so I'll get it out later today or tonight.

I fell asleep last night, and didn't get it finished, but I needed it. Been rough and crazy here in the real world the past few weeks.

Also, it looks like I'm going to go to the 01.01.30+ version, not .29 version as I had planned. If can can redo any of the "modify" code I'll release a .32 version.

But, for anyone who installs this, I'll be working the next 2-4 days on this mod alone, as it's the last key base feature for the other 2 graphics mods left, so I'll be on-line to fix any problems as they occur. I have ICQ support as well as support here and in the FAQ forum for any of the mods.

I'll have a demo site set up for this when done, but it will most likely be on an "adult" site I'm spiffing up for sale. This is a "clean" site and "virgin" to all my hacking, so it's a good ginea pig. [Once this is out, I'll update the FAQ so you can add your logo/photo to your submissions, and see how this works at the same time].

Thanks for your interest!

.... I know I was probably unclear with all this, but I was just woken up, and haven't had any caffiene yet.... I get like this when I start to program (I forget how to make full sentences, or use '.'s).

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