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Weird Search Problem...

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Weird Search Problem...

I had a brilliant idea... I would create a link that would search and return all entries created Today. I made a global ($to_day) that would return todays date in the format mm-dd, and then I put that variable in a predefined search of the field Add_Date... lkke this:


I used the leading "-" to make sure I was matching month and day, not, in the case of say 03-10, October of 1903...

I noticed something weird. It would return all cartoons created on todays date just fine UNLESS the date ended in a zero... so 03-10, or 03-20 returns an error (try the above link), but 03-21 returns the proper links... (edit the above link and try!)

Any ideas why, or- even better- how I can work around this?


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