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Task Manager?

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Task Manager?
Hi there... I'm sure the answer to this lies within a number of messages, but since I need the whole ball of wax, I'm thinking it's better to post this as new:

We're trying to create our own Project Management database... one in which an administrator would be able to assign tasks, and users would be able to log in and view their tasks, sort/print/download them, and ultimately check them off as 'complete' or input some sort of in-progress update.

In order for this to work, we need user accounts, and enough security to allow users to only update a couple of fields in their record.

It would also be nice to be able to include the items entered into one table as a dropdown selector for the main database. This would allow us, for example, to add/remove event categories in a table, which in turn would appear in various dropdowns that relate to event categories in the main database.

Other key needs that seem to be lacking in most UNIX database scripts:

End report sort capability (for example, the ability to click on a column header of an output report to sort by that column)

Field validation checking. For example, forcing the user to enter an actual date, not just something in the format of a date. In every database we've looked at so far, we've been able to enter a date like: 01-45-01. Well, it's in date format... but it's not a real date.
Other validations would include field length, text, phone number, positive numbers, etc. etc.

Given just those criteria, is this something DBMan can do? Maybe we're looking for too much in this type of database... We've tried a couple of other scripts, but really just can't find anything that can pull off what we need. SBMan looks like there may be some possibility...???

Many thanks to anyone kind enough to respond!!

Michelle Gesler / Brett Schulke

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