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Re: [Category:pop-up] Show Category clean in drop down

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Hello Eliot!

Oh, thanks.

I will have to dig out where are the split codes since I am now a novice to version 2.0.2 and its a total new programming world of sub_routines.

But even if the split codes are used, I think what you mean is that it will be able to seperate the slashes and display with a seperator like

Europe : Germany : Berlin

in the earlier versions.

What I want is the lowest sub category LISTING ONLY to appear in the popup for the add or modify.cgi

A big dis-advantage is Links SQL is that all the Categories/SubCategories are being captured at once. That is everywhere many sub_routines capture all the categories at the same time and there is nothing in the inner core of the programming anywhere that allows the add.cgi, modify.cgi or build.cgi to go through a loop of alphabetical selection or any kind.

If there was, then one could take steps one, two or three in their submissions throu add.cgi so that a GIANT Category listing is not displayed. The Links SQL has still a nightmare in built. If you have 5000 categories with their sub_categories that the pup-up listing in the user/admin will be a GIANT CATEGORY LISTING. I have been complaining this from the begining and am not aware of anything now with the new version if this would be possible through some tweaks. Hence the question and I hope I made myself clear to what I am seraching for. This would ofcourse all the users who have more than a Hundred categories that their popup menu will get smaller.

That also means a Category pre-selection. If you have a Fifty Main Category with a Hundred Sub_Category in each of them then the total would be Five_Thousand Categories in the Listings. By selection of the Main Categories FIRST, one gets only a Hundred categories in the pop-up everywhere.

Would this be possible?

Thanks in advance.

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