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Upload Graphic replacement

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Upload Graphic replacement
Sorry, if this is repetitive, but I posted this question the other day at the FAQ forum and the traffic there seems, umm..... pretty light.

Great plug-in by the way. It installs so easily and I got it up and running with no problem.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how the plug-in works but this is what I want to do:

I have allowed specific users to be able to upload a graphic that can be displayed next to their link. Now, I also want them to be able to modify their link and upload a new graphic at the same time, replacing the old one. I only want one graphic per person/ per link.
I added the tags to the modify form and it uploads the graphic fine, but it doesn't replace or delete the old graphic like I want it to. Also, it doesn't update their database record with the new uploaded graphic name or dimensions, so the link still displays the old uploaded graphic.

I could probably go in and manually change their link record to point to the new graphic, but that defeats the whole purpose of automating the uploading process.
Is this possible to do, and if so what is the best way to go about implementing it to work this way? Also, what is the reason for having the upload form on the Modify template if it doesn't replace/modify their existing image?
I think one thing I probably need to do is add hidden fields that would get the name of the new upload, but I'm unsure how to do that, since I would also need the image/dimensions which have yet to be supplied.

Thanks for your help,

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