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Converting Website
I have a current website http://www.picturepoll.com/ It is using PHP and MySQL currently. It is becoming very hard to manage now and getting a little slow due to code (I would guess). Can someone tell me if I should use LinksSQL to convert this website. I have used LinksSQL 1.13 before but I am not a CGI programmer. It would not be a links site but a profile generated website. Just like having detailed webpages I guess. Also I have a current messaging system but I was thinking I could integrate GT Mail to handle this section and that would mean that users would also have an e-mail address. I currently am using MySQL for the database but I am thinking of re writing the website again or using LinksSQL to have a rock solid website. Could someone visit my website and tell me the cost's to get LinksSQL 2.0 working in this manner?

Features would be
+ Users logging checking their mail
+ Updating profile text and image
+ Profile page gets rebuilt upon changes
+ New accounts must be approved as current setup
+ Top guys and girls lists must be generated but with next and prev button showing all users in order.

I can handle all the template work but I would need a price on modifying LinksSQL 2.0 to do what the current website does.


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