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Re: POP3 Problems

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Hi Alex,

thank you - but it doesnt work.
In POP3.PM i have inserted your snipped:

# Accept both hash or hash references.
@_ or croak "POP3 ($$): You must supply a username, password and host.\n";
(ref $_[0] eq 'HASH') ? (%h = %{$_[0]}) : (%h = @_);
foreach my $k (keys %h) { $self->{uc $k} = $h{$k};)
$self->{USER} = 'mydomainnamecom' . $self->{USER} if ($self->{USER});

I want that the pop3username now is mydomainnamecomuser .

Is there maybee an error in you snippet. I cannot receive mails from my own pop3box.
!!!mydomainnamecom is only a sample in this post, in POP3.PM there is my real server!!!

For a Test i have removed the POP3.pm from my webspace. After login there comes NO ERRORMESSAGE for the reason that POP3.pm cannot found.

Maybee the POP3.pm is doesnt called during the loginprocess.

Greets Franky

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