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Changing Categories and Subcategories look

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Changing Categories and Subcategories look
I would to ask is it possible to change the look of so called "titles", when category or subcategory displayed. For example, I have 2 categories "Autos" and "Games", and 2 subcategories inside each of it: "Children Autos", "Parents Autos", also "Computer Games", "Logical Games". F.e., site URL is "Fun". Then, when the pages are displayed, it shows me titles like that:

Home : Games : Computer Games
Fun: Games: Computer Games

At this time, I have correct link to "home" page on "home" title, but I haven't it on "Fun". Instead, I would be interested to have only one linked title, exactly:
Fun: Games: Computer Games
with the links on these titles. Where can I changed this? I didn't find it in templates...
Is it possible to change total number of links which displayed beneath category's title in "( )" signs also to number of CATEGORIES? It looks not smart when I am having 10 subcategories in one category with 100 links in each and it is saying me that this category contains 0 links.
Is it possible to display all subcategories under main category on the main ('home') page?
Baby Auto
Parents Auto
Computer Games
Logical Games

Thanks to all in advance!

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