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My database (in 1.3) also had a number of custom fields- 35 or so. Some contained a lot of data (1-2 k in a field) so I was pretty concerned, too, when I did the upgrade. I did the upgrade around Beta 1- it can be done, and fairly easily.

First, I would suggest doing it off-line, for the obvious reasons. I would HIGHLY suggest using the table prefix option (in my case, I used "new_" but anything will do.) This way, you keep your old data, and have a whole set of tables for the new database.

You will find in upgrading that there is a wonderful import utility. Seems like all the bugs are worked out, and it should run fine. If not, the original data is still there. So if you have to make a change, you can do that and re-import.

Seems like it will be scary, but it is not too bad... just make sure to use the prefix!

good luck!


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