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Upgrade Question

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Upgrade Question
Now I realise that I run the risk here of embarrasing myself .. but what the heck ... I'll do it anyway Blush.

I am just about ready to take the plunge and upgrade and am a little confused about the process. In particular I have a number of custom fields in my present 1.x database. I have read the readme file but am still confused about how to upgrade - obviously keeping all my current data and fields etc. Do I need to edit some of the script files to add the extra fields that I currently have or is there an easier process.

A 'step by step' procedure would be extremely helpful, not only for myself but for others who are in the same boat.

I am also very interested in the new 'modify' tools. Although I can't find anywhere how this specifically works, I imagine that if a signed up member has added links and links directly to 'modify.cgi' then all his links will be shown to him? Is this correct?

Also, how would one go about 'manually' giving ownership to people of their links that are currently in the database?

Lots of questions ..... preceded by lots of confusion Tongue



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