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Image Gallery/Picture Post/postcards.cgi

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Image Gallery/Picture Post/postcards.cgi
I'm going to move discussions of these scripts here, until a better place pops up. They don't belong in the NG forum any more.

First, for those interested:

I have a new interface page up at http://postcards.com/...est/test_upload.html which allows you to pick some options to set on the thumbnail.

(you need to log in, and then go back, and enter the files again. The data stream is not being passed along with the redirect, and I'm not sure that can be fixed, but the final version will check "log-in status" before it presents the log on screen. I may disable the log-on, so if you don't get it, don't worry.... it can be annoying, but debugging is hell <G>)

On one of my machines the form is "sticky" and I have to "reload" the results to see what it did. On the other machine (running -- it claims -- ) the same versions of windows and MSIE it works fine, first time, every time. So, let me know how it works with your machine/browser combo.


For those who might be interested, I got a bit of help from Alex on the plug-in stuff, and I might even be able to make the first version a plug-in, or at least partially self-installable. The first version of all this seems to be working out into an image upload, thumbnail creator with display options and the postcards program (which can stand alone with a generic Links SQL).



1) works with links 1.13 as an add on script (uses library I/0 routines and templates).
2) works just like http://creepycards.com
3) version 2.0 will work with Links NG, and have additional features. It will also tie into the upload and gallery mods below.
4) (see the thread in Links SQL NG forum for some recent features discussion).
5) will be available when the Upload Files mod is released.

Upload Files (attachments)
1) allows attaching a file to a links record -- binary or text
2) allows post-processing of the files based on type binary or text
3) can create a thumbnail automatically, or resize and upload to a specified size. tries to read the image format, and not rely on the file extension.
4) basic manipulation tools -- add, modify, delete along with the links record.
5) later release will handle multiple image attachments and form the basis of the shopping/catalog/banner mod I've been working on.
6) Should be available within the week (it's 90% done).

Picture Post Gallery Mod:
1) will work as a full-install (requires links license) or as an add on to an existing links license.
2) will present images as thumbnails, in gallery format http://postcards.com/...bin/DP_Test/page.cgi
3) will tie in with the upload and postcards mods above.
4) click the demo link above for what it can do to the uploaded image.


All the programs rely on the GT and Links libraries for SQL access, template processing, and site building. They will provide a familiar and integrated way of adding functionality to your site.

Because of that, it should "plug" into your site design, using simple tags. In fact the catalog page display uses the same output tag - <%links%> as the regular display set, so no major mods are needed to your templates either.

I haven't planned a "sales pitch" on this stuff, so the feature list is evolving and eventually will be listed all in one place. For now, you'll need to scan the related threads (with "Image Gallery/Picture Post" in their title).

So far, the image upload has been about a week of 20 hour days, after 2 years of planning and thinking about it, and it's all going together really well. Better than I had hoped, actually :)

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
FAQ: http://pugdog.com/FAQ

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