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Re: Bugs and Problems v1.1.6

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Hello Alex!

There is nothing much you have left in your setup script that GT needs to install. The installation routines are so well designed and well thought that it does a flawless installations.

From the web the installation routines forgets the UserID of the account with the ISP. Hence the setup script produces all the data i.e. folders and *.cgi, *.pm, *.html, etc with the user nobody!!! It took a lot of time and energy to find out why and what was happening. By this time there was a lot of garbage produced (About ten installation of trials) which was impossible to delete. Further, after the change of user to the LoginID of ISP, all the scripts started giving Software error = carriage return after upload!!!

Regardless of any installation tests, every installation gave in the last step a crash with Database.Webmail_folders error.

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