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Let me ask this...

Is this just occuring with Outlook? Or does it occur with other mail readers such as Eudora or Netscape??

I had some _serious_ problems trying to get Outlook to handle our weather reports, and the problem is it _really_ _really_ requires 100% valid headers for content/type.

If the mail works in other mail readers, either your copy of Outlook is old, and should be upgraded, or you need to look at the headers sent out BY Outlook to see what is missing from the headers being sent in, then duplicate it.

Most (all I've tested, actually) have dealt with missing/incomplete/too complete headers with no problem, defaulting to assuming what is coming in is standard text, unless told otherwise. Outlook, for whatever reason, seems to expect whatever is coming in to be some M$ proprietary format, as if they ruled the world :)

Anyway, this is a known problem with Outlook (at least all the developers I've talked with on this issue have had this problem until they worked backwards), and I think it even varies with the versions.

I'm not even sure if it's been "fixed" in current releases or not.

I think I posted (and some others did too) some headers that did work for outlook (and text/html mailings in general) awhile back in one of the Links SQL forums.

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