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Here's what we've decided about the postcards script, taking into account what people have asked for.

The current Links SQL 1.1x compatible version we'll make available as is. It should be pretty bug free, we've been using it for 3+ months in this version, but we never know until other sites try to use it.

I'm going to try as my first project to port it over to the new links as a plug-in (it should be a fairly easy plug in, since it doesn't really use anything in the links database, but does use the libraries, and a standard interface would be nice.)

I'm going to hopefully complete the version 2 of the script which will be a plug in for the new version, some time in January, and at that time, we'll release "image packs" by subscription or a la carte for sites that are interested.

I'm going to set up a forum area as a link from the FAQ area, to hold discussions and support of it. Also, you'll have a chance to express what you would want in a postcards program.

Yes, there are dozens of programs out there... the advantage this one has is it works with Links, so the look & feel of your site can be maintained in a seamless manner. Plus, it's been tested in a real-world high volume network.

So, PLEASE...don't post here. Follow the links in the FAQ area, to the forum, and I'll answer the questions and stuff there. It should be set up late tonight (tuesday).

FWIW: I'm still working on the banner and shopping cart programs, though I've pushed the banner program back as a lower priority since much of it depends on the final version of LInks, and other plug ins. First step is an auction program. It shouldn't be too hard, really, and it's the first step to the extra modules necessary for the shopping cart and ecommerce systems.

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