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More than one "submit form"

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More than one "submit form"
I'm trying to set up an at-home-schooling testing environment for my children.
I'm trying to set it up so they can read a story then take a test at the end of the story.
Instead of putting each story/test on a different page, I want to put all of the stories and tests on the same page(on html.pl under "add record"). That works just fine.
However, if I submit tests #2 thur #10 it will give me additional pipes(|) and dates on the "record added" page.
For example:
On the "record added" page,
Test #2 will give me ||then the answer and the date twice.
Test#3 will give me |||then the answer and the date three times.
Test #10 will give me ||||||||||then the answer and the date ten times.

Is there a way to have as many submit forms under "add record" on the html.pl page but only get one answer on the "record added" page (no pipes and the date only once)?

Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appriciated.

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Post More than one "submit form" johnfalco 1651 Nov 3, 2000, 9:12 AM