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Using a text editor

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Using a text editor
Warning: I'm not a programmer, just a very experienced user... Anyway, I inherited a database created by a very ex-employee in DBMan. It seems like a great program, but I think I screwed something up pretty well. This guy can't organize for anything, so when I reorganized the site I had to update all the links in the database.

The site, styleforliving.com, is basically a slick directory for stores in LA, and the search engine helps people find the kind of furniture they want.

Since there are a couple hundred records, I didn't want to manually change all the file paths; so I opened the .db file and made all the changes globally. So now, the search engine works fine, but if I try to modify a record using DBMan, I get the error "Can't find requested record" even though it did find the requested record when I searched to modify it. I have not changed any other files... I have also noticed that the program seems to be placing files with my username and a bunch of numbers in the "auth" folder...

Help me! What have I done? Copies of the engine can be found in the folder www.styleforliving.com/dbman. Thanks in advance!

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