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dedicated server questions

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dedicated server questions
I've been browsing through all the posts about dedicated server specs... and I need advice about upgrading my server. I just moved from virtual to dedicated this week. Today was the first day both of my sites were running... and it crashed! (DreamHost was my virtual host, and a very good one considering I had no prior problems!! Check them out if you are looking!!)

I have 2 high traffic sites (Already 1.4 million page views this month on one, almost 1 million on the other). I use Links SQL and a few cgi scripts. I want to continue to grow, and adding e-commerce to the mix is not out of the question.

Here is what I have now:

700 MHz PIII
128 RM RAM (completely used up)

I now know that I need _AT LEAST_ 256 MB RAM, and will try to move up to 384.. maybe 512. I was wondering about adding another hard drive. I read in one post about using 2 hard drives... Can anyone explain futher? I think it involved putting the web files on one and log files on the other. (This is my first server, so I am still learning.) Also, I've noticed that RAID is often offered when there are 2 hard drives... what can you tell me about this?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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