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GossMail 1.1.5 problems

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GossMail 1.1.5 problems

I did a clean install of the program (I haven't tried the program since the 1.0.0 version).

I did a web-based install, and once I got all the permissions set right it completed ok.

After the install, though, it insisted on trying to run the admin.cgi from a path that did not include the 'cgi-bin' portion of the path/url. The paths were set correctly in the setup.

Also, once installed, on send a message, the mouse-over on the graphics yeilds broken graphics. I'm assuming some are missing.

(I put the /images directory in the /doc/ root, since Apache won't serve images directly from a ScriptAlias directory).

The reason I delayed so long on trying a new version, is I'm running qmail in some configuration I did not set up originally, and the system works with POP mail boxes without a problem. I set up a unix user, and they have automatic POP mail. But, I can't get GossMail to access the incoming mail for those users. I can send mail... but it won't pick up. (I can pick up by another POP program).

I'm hoping to eventually do a ground-up reinstall of qmail, but shouldn't GossMail be able to pick up the mail if other programs can?

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