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Connect Problem

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Connect Problem
Hi Alex.....

I'm installing msqlman for the first time....
when I run mysql.cgi I get the following fatal error......

Error Message : fatal undef error: GT_Template (22255): Unable to open template file '/templates/database.html'. Reason: File does not exist. at html.pl line 45

BUT the file does exist......

I 'm installing Mysqlman on my virtual server, but my Mysql database is not located within my virtual server root directory...it is setup via my server control panel...I set up a Mysql database with all permissions granted.
I believe I'm getting this error because mysqlman is looking for Mysql Database and can't locate it....
I consulted with my server and they indicated I need the following two lines of code to connect....
I included this completed code near the top of mysql.cfg and mysql.cgi....
however, I'm still geting the fatal error message....can you asist....your input would be appreciated....thanks Rob

use Mysql;

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