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New fields with images

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New fields with images
The idea is to give more detailed information about the link (and the site) itself in.
First of all there would be new field in the database called Other information, which would appear after
link description. That field consists of images only (five images maximum indicating the content of the site, for eg. video, sound, chat ...).

In admin panel there would be also five checkboxes (video, sound, chat ...) and admin could pick up the right ones describing the site best. After rebuilding the database the usual way, and picked checkboxes would appear as images after link description. Of course these images would be already in the web-server.

Did anyone understood what I was chasing after ? This is almost like the image rating mod, but then I dont know if this could be achivied the same way.

All I want to know if this is possible. I don't know any Perl so doing any coding is out of the question.

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