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MySQL Tables braking!

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MySQL Tables braking!
Hi guys,
My website is really growing fast and now has 30,000 daily visitors and A LOT of searching is going on. We are hosting on a Dual P-III 700Mhz with 1Gb RAM. Apache is set up with a limit of 200 connections and MySQL with a limit of 700 queries. We are running under mod_perl.
Over the last few days, many tables from different databases at our servers have broken (the table says to have -1 records).
When the server´s load average exceeds 12, we turn of mysql.server and then turn it on again, solving the problem.

This is the latest error we´ve had:

DBSQL (8124): Fatal Error: Unable to execute query: INSERT INTO
Hits_Track (LinkID, IP) VALUES (3991, '').
Reason: Got error -1 from table handler at
/usr/local/etc/httpd/sites/monografias.com/cgi-bin/jump.cgi line 82
Can anyone help?

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