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Database design

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Database design
Hi all,

I have a little logic problem.
Lets say I have a Users Table in my SQL Database. This table has fields for Name, email etc. Now I'd like to have fields for Qualifications, Abilities.

I have a Table of different Qualifications

1 Qualific.1
2 Qualific.2
3 Qualific.3
n Qualific.n

I have a Table of different Abilities

1 Ability 1
2 Ability 2
3 Ability 3
n.Ability n

Now each user should be able to have as many Qualifications as he wants. As well as abilities.

How should I save this information?

Make a field User.Qualification and store the ID's of the Qualifications there? (in a list? 1,4,5,78,192...) and how long should this fieldlength be? What happens if it's full? Print an error "sorry you are overqualified!"?

or make extra tables with the relations:

Qualific. ID

Does anybody know a more elegant way to solve this?

regards, alexander

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