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I didn't intend to sell GT short, its just that until the new banner system is released, tried, tested, and updated a bit, I wouldn't expect it to have the pedigree of some of the commercial packages that are designed specifically to deal with banner management and that have been around for a long while - like I said, I'm sure it'll quickly reach a point where it'll do all the things that other packages do, and probably quite a lot more knowing GT :)

I'm not privvy to the setup and workings of the up-coming GT banner manager, which doesn't help as I can't make an objective comparison - but I have every faith in GT to 'come up with the goods' and I know from experience that they'll do nothing less than their best to make it an excellent package :)

'Featured' issue - I'd have thought you could set up specific regions for each 'featured' top-level category/sub-cat and then add the HTML directly into the banner record in AP, with a default link for when there are no 'featured' links to display - sorry, but I'm having a bit of trouble visualizing it :)

All the best

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