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Don't sell the "commercial" aspect of GT short.

With the new back-end engine, and modular code, and mod_perl mind set, any banner system, or add on will work lightning fast, and if the "hooks" for a banner system are there, then the only _real_ stuff that has to be added is the interface/billing end of the package. The actual ad-serving should be close to trivial -- and FAST

I have Advert Pro I've got to make work with Links SQL, and I've talked with them about the Links SQL version. From the impression I got they had not even started it yet. Which, in some ways would make sense, since without knowing what the next version of Links is doing, creating a new product for a 'old' version doesn't make a lot of sense.

If you've worked with AdvertPro a bit, do you have an idea for how to use it to make a "featured" links category?

what the customer wnats is:

1) each top-level category has no links, just a featured set of links. One from each sub-category.
2) If an advertiser has paid for featured status, that "link" should be served up (think of the link record as the banner).
3) If no advertiser has paid for that spot, the default pool should be accessed (Think of the other links in the category as the pool).

It occured to me that since the status of the "featured" link is a paid one, that using the banner system would be the best way to go. Essentially, it's a banner system, but the "banner" is the link record, not a graphic.

Any clues??

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/

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