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I use AdvertPro with Links SQL and it works great for me (someone in the GT forum put me onto them initially :). If anyone's interested, they're putting the price up with the next release [3.5], so if you are considering buying the current version of AdvertPro [3.0] I would advise you buy now as an upgrade to 3.5 is free!

As for Links, it'll be interesting to see how the initial 'built-in' GT banner system will work with LSQL V2. For people who can't afford a separate banner-serving package, or simply want it included with 'links' for ease of management, I'm sure it'll be a great plus.

I would guess that you shouldn't expect the first GT banner manager to have ALL the bells 'n' whistles of a top-end commercial package or features enough to suit everyone's implementation of Links, but as usual for GT products it probably won't be very long before GT and us users start modifying it to do all the things that most people will want :)

From what I can gather the GT LSQL banner manager will be a plug-in module of some sort that will work through the Admin panel, Pugdog?

All the best

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