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Re: backup with mysqldump can this be done ?

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I want to give the client the option too backup his whole database in mysql that he will use. So the standard backup that nph-build.cgi makes isn't enough. He get's ftp login and have a path like /opt/usr/www.hisdomain.com/

How to make a mysqldump to his path, is that possbile ? Shall i insert that command in the crontab or shall i make it possible that he can make's the dump with pressing 1 button on the web, so he has a up-to-date database instead of 1 day old ? After the dump is done he can download the backup with ftp.
There are a couple things you could do:

1) Add the additional tables to backup in the sub build_backup routine in the nph-build.cgi and define the directory where the client will be FTPing to and from to store the backups.

2) Create a separate script using the sub build_backup as a template (model) and then execute that script via cron on a daily basis to decrease the time in building the script via the nph-build.cgi script also CPU usage.

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Why isn't the table CategoryAlternates include in the backup with nph-build.cgi and how to mod nph-build.cgi that it will make a backup the table CategoryAlternates ?
I believe because if you re-setup your tables using the backups of Categories.db and Links.db, this table is dynamically created. So, it would not be very useful to backup. But to be on the safe side and save time when you have to restore the MySQL database from backup, it would be okay to backup that table as well.


Eliot Lee

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