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Now, what would be the most secure method? Is there a danger of loosing data with any of those procedures?
That depends...if you've password protected your MySQL login, then the most secure is via telnet using SQL commands/functions. If you do not have it password protected, then all of them are unsecure.

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Should I backup the data before proceding?
You should always backup your scripts/files/tables, etc. before hacking the scripts/files/tables, etc. That is a basic activity of application development and computer use. Wink

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I guess you are talking about the nph-setup.cgi when you say setup.cgi, right?
Oopss...right...sorry, I was thinking of Links SQL...momentary lapse of reason.

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Why do you recommend installing another script (MySqlMan) to do it?
Because it allows you to view, edit, delete, import, export, and many other features. It is a time saver in terms of managing your tables. Editing scripts and then running them take more time in terms of testing and implementation.


Eliot Lee

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