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template for category

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template for category
some one now how use template for category.

sub site_html_category {
# --------------------------------------------------------
# This rountine will build a page based for the current category.
my ($tags, $dynamic) = @_;
my $template = defined $dynamic ? $dynamic->param('t') : undef;
(ref $tags eq 'HASH') or croak "HTML_TEMPLATES: Argument '$tags' must be hash reference";

my ($name) = $tags->{'category_name'} =~ m,/?([^/]+)$,;
defined $dynamic and &load_user ($dynamic, $tags);
my $output = &load_template ( 'category.html', {
build_links_per_page => $LINKS{build_links_per_page},
category_first => $name,
}, undef, $template );
defined $dynamic and &clean_output($dynamic, \$output);
return $output;

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Try posting this in the Links SQL Discussions forum, you may get more response Smile