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Bulkload fears

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Bulkload fears
  I'm about to try to bulkload one Links.db into another. The fears...
I've imported the old db into Excel 97 and deleted the ID numbers. When I export it as a tab-deliminated text file, I can't see anything when I open it in a text editor. Is this normal?
Also, there are quite a few categories in my old db that aren't yet in my new one. Will Bulkload.cgi create them on the fly? Or should I create the new categories before using Bulkload?
I plan to make a complete backup of my cgi-bin/links directory and links/pages directory. Is there anything else I should consider in case of meltdown/corruption?

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1) If you exported your file as a tab delimited txt file, and you do not see anything in that text file, then you probably did not export it correctly. You should see text. Also, you should NOT delete the record numbers. Just keep the record number. Then make sure that you change the number in the linksid.txt to the last record number in your database.

2) My suggestion is that you create the Categories first. You can do this with a separate bulkload of categories versus links. The bulkload.cgi will not create the categories on the fly.

3) Making a backup of your files is the smartest thing you can do when you are making changes to your database.


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