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Ability to block emails from submitting/possible new feature?

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Ability to block emails from submitting/possible new feature?
Has anyone found a way to block certain emails from submitting links to their search engine??
I have this buttwipe who is submitting his cheapo reseller links every day... 26 submissions at a time!!! I have the default email going out telling him why he was rejected (duplicate url submission, no blatant reseller links; your page must have content)... this guy's page is nothing but a blank white screen with a banner linking to a book you can buy.
I have two other people that go in and help validate links once in a while, so I checked to see if they had let any of his stuff in, and he was already in the engine 34 times. 34!! GRRRRRR.

How can I ban him from submitting, and this would certainly be a nice feature for the next links version (ban by email address or url submitted).

I was thinking something like a
if email=yadda@yadda.com then delete; but I don't know how to write it.
Or even something that would hit right when he submitted the link, so instead of getting "your link has been submitted" he would get a page saying "you have been banned from submitting".

PS- Alex the dang check came back for not enough postage (darn canadian mail); it will go out again tomorrow *sighs and kicks the nearest postal worker*