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2.0 - Many comments

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2.0 - Many comments
I think I have a successful upgrade, doubly pleasing because I had to move the web site to one where CGIs run better in the cgi-bin tree. Anyway, I offer the following comments and typo report to help making it easier for absolute newbies:

Some typos:

>WARNING: ADMIN Directory is not Password Procted!!



You need to warn upgraders that site_html.pl may still have a string "Links Engine 1.1" that needs to be turned into "2.0" -- I still don't know where this 1.1 is coming from at the bottom of the built pages.

> 2. Copy your links.db, category.db and site_html.pl


> overtop of the new versions.

over the top

>There are also some minor site_html.pl issues:
> 1. In search results page, $next is no longer just a URL, but rather a series
> of links. So replace <a href="$next"> with just $next.

Not clear -- it was:
<a href="$next">$next_hits</a>
Surely not change it to

>Added two new fields onto the end. Saved it as links2.db. Change permissions back to 755 on the hits directory.

>3. Set permissions:
> chmod 777 (drwxrwxrwx) on the hits directory

But only those who need to upgrade will know to change it back to 755...

>4. Problems
> - Is the path to Perl right? (#!/usr/bin/perl)

Your examples use /usr/local/bin/perl -- a newbie may get confused.

>- URL of where your user cgi is kept. If you kept the default installation,
> it will just be one level below the admin directory.
> $db_cgi_url = "http://localhost/links/cgi-bin";

That is confusing, as I thought you meant my existing system cgi-bin directory (which has to be called cgi-easyrsvp in my case). Add/Update etc goes looking here when one clicks those links.

It works if I make links.cfg:
# URL of User CGI directory. No Trailing Slash.
$db_cgi_url = "http://easyrsvp.com/cgi-easyrsvp/links";

Even if I had adopted the "normal" paths, I would have thought you meant "create a cgi-bin directory below the links directory where you want pages built" although I'd be wondering what to put there. This is definitely an area for confusion.


I added a dummy link and when I clicked the Rate-It next to it, the link presented was some other! Why?


The button should read "Submit" not "Subscribe" as it is confusing for the visitor who chooses to Unsubscribe from the drop-down menu.

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Re: 2.0 - Many comments In reply to
Hi Ash,

Thanks for the feedback! I've fixed up a lot of the documentation issues.

I added a dummy link and when I clicked the Rate-It next to it, the link presented was some other! Why?

Do you have a URL I could see?