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2 months now, WTF? Win NT and Links!!!!

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2 months now, WTF? Win NT and Links!!!!
I've been trying for two months to get this damn program installed and it's impossible. Can ANYONE help here!!!!

I have NT, Perl 5 installed, and it doesn't do SHIT. WTF?

Why would I ever consider paying for this if I can even install it?
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Re: 2 months now, WTF? Win NT and Links!!!! In reply to
Nice name, and nice attitude... That's the way to get help.

And seeing as this is the only message you've every posted, it doesn't look like you've been trying too hard to get it working.

So, let's start with the basics. What have you done, and what is happening when you try to run the program? And don't say "Nothing" as that doesn't tell us anything.

Are you getting error messages, and if so, what are they?

Have you successfully gotten other cgi programs running?

Are you trying to run locally, or on a webhost? If so, what web host?

What web server software are you trying to run under? What version of perl is installed?

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Re: 2 months now, WTF? Win NT and Links!!!! In reply to
Yes, I do have a bad attitude. I really like this package and am frustrated because I can't get it to run.

I have edited the links.cfg file and changed the required four entries to properly reflect my configuration.

I have set the file permissions using IIS 4.0 to Read, Write and Execute for the entire directory structure, as well as the mandated set of permissions you use CHMOD for, but since NT doesn't use CHMOD, it does me little or no good to tell me what the CHMOD permissions are.

I can pull up the /index.html and all options are available on the local machine, which is also the server, but when I try and click add, view, build pages, any of the links, it states "Web Server Found" and waits, and waits and waits, then times out.

I'm using NT w/IIS 4.0 and yes, I've gotten CGI programs to work before, and yes, I've got Active Perl, FULL version for Windows version 5+.

Any ideas?