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error admin email not defined.

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error admin email not defined.
Alex has been wonderful promptly installing this script and answering all of my questions. I hate to bug him more.

Especially when I think that I am overlooking something. When I try and add a new link as a visitor would I get this message.
Software error:
Admin Email Address Not Defined in config file! at add.cgi line 121.
For help, please send mail to the webmaster (webmaster@associatecash.com), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

I did check the readme and I have done the following.

Add and Modify Templates: You will need to add 'NAME="add"' to the submit
button of all add forms, and 'NAME="modify"' to the submit button of the
modify forms.

I went to line 121 of add.cgi and this is what I find.

# Check to make sure that there is an admin email address defined.
$LINKS{db_admin_email} or die ("Admin Email Address Not Defined in config file!");
my ($to, $from, $subject, $msg, $mailer, $cname);
$cname = &get_category_name ($rec->{'CategoryID'});
$to = $LINKS{db_admin_email};
$from = ${$rec}{'Contact_Email'};
$subject = "Addition to Database: ${$rec}{'Title'}\n";
$msg = qq|


I really don't what I should alter or what to do from this point. Has anyone ran into this. The part that I find odd is that the error message has my correct email. So my email address should be defined in the script correctly because it even gets called in the error message. I am puzzled.

Thanks in advance,
Dan O

here is the url if it will help.

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Re: error admin email not defined. In reply to
Well I was close yet so far away. I found it. The email was not set in the Links.pm file.

Thanks anyways.

Dan O