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Alex , i have question ....

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Alex , i have question ....
Alex, i have question about Links SQL....

my server have a heavy trouble in searching the data.
my data 12000 links.
It takes 6 - 8 seconds.

server CPU is PentiumII 300(512K),
RAM 256M

I don't know about SQL.
and i can english but a little.....
(I am Korean. do you know Korea?)

nevertheless can i use Links SQL?
i am beginners( but my server root)

your company help this (mySQL install.. and data convert...etc.)
if i purchased and told telnet ID & Passwd (including root) ?

i had worked part-time job for linksSQL..
(i am university student....)

please answer me..

(sorry, my insufficient english expression..)

Thank you!

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Re: Alex , i have question .... In reply to

Importing of any Links 1.x or 2.x links is included in the setup. We do charge an extra $100 to setup mysql for you and will need root access.

If you'd like to go ahead, simply go to:


and place an order.


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Re: Alex , i have question .... In reply to
thanks alex....

i will backup my data and website...
(it take 2 ~ 3 day....)

and then contact you.

my data is Korean language.
is possible?

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Re: Alex , i have question .... In reply to
my data is Korean language.

We have run into some problems with foreign languages. Links SQL uses an indexing scheme to have really quick searches, rather then relying on the database to do a full table scan. The downside, is Links SQL needs to be able to, given a sentance, figure out what the words are. With most english languages, this is easy, we just split it on spaces.

However, many oriental languages are more difficult as there are no spaces, and sometimes words are 1, 2, 3, or 4 symbols long. We are looking at parsers, but they would be language specific. Also, we are creating a full table scan search.cgi which should work in all cases, but will be slower for very large databsaes.

If anyone has any experience parsing Big5 or GB, please drop me a line. =)