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Detail pages all "Popular"

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Detail pages all "Popular"
The popular (isPopular) tag works in the links.html file, and on the category pages and where it's used, but on the detail.html page, every page is marked popular.

Tnew (isNew) tag works... but I miss the 3-level new mod....


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Re: Detail pages all "Popular" In reply to
Oops.. That's a bug. Edit HTML_Templates.pm and look at line 72 and copy:

# Set new and pop to either 1 or undef for templates.
($rec->{'isNew'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec->{'isNew'} = 1) : (delete $rec->{'isNew'});
($rec->{'isPopular'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec->{'isPopular'} = 1) : (delete $rec->{'isPopular'});

to just before line 134:

return &load_template ('detailed.html', {

and it should be fine. As for three level mod, I am working on including it.