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simple calendar for links version3

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simple calendar for links version3
I am looking for a plugin that provides for the links in one category (Events and Meetings) to be viewed in a calendar. Days and months are fine; no need for hours and minutes.

I do not see a calendar listed in the Gossamer-threads Links Plugin DownLoads - if I missed it, what is the name, please.

I looked at Andy/UltraNerds' calendar plugin, but the demo link does not work. Also, I do not find Calendar, Simple, which is a pre-requisite.
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Re: [tora] simple calendar for links version3 In reply to

I'm afraid I don't have anything "out of the box" that would do what you are after. I could certainly code something for you though, as a custom job. Please check out my PM reply to you :)


Andy (mod)
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