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Links 2.0 - Use the same Link ID again

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Links 2.0 - Use the same Link ID again

I used Links 2.0 for a little Site for Winning Games. These Games changed very often and then I delete this
record in Links 2.0. Each new record become a new Link ID and buil a new static Site.

So it is possible that Links 2.0 takes a ID which has be used before ??


I have this record ...../html/123.html

The latest Link ID is the 500

Now I delete the record with the 123 Link ID

When a new record appear, then Links 2.0 give this record the Link ID 501

I want that Links 2.0 looks first if there is an before used Link ID and take this for the new record.

Is here someone who can do this ??

Some interesting proposals for this you can find here:

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Re: [qix] Links 2.0 - Use the same Link ID again In reply to
Reusing the ID's is possible, but it's not a good idea. It would also confuse the search engines to some degree, and it would be better for people to get a "nice" error message if a game/page was missing rather than getting a completely wrong game/page.

You asked about LinkSQL (in the other thread), and if you have the ability to run the SQL version, you can run it dynamically with low over head (especially on a site with few links) and each page could *look* as if it were static, with "nice" urls. This is a much better idea.

If you still really wanted to reuse ID's, the easiest way would be to write the deleted ID(s) to a file and simply check that file when a new link is added. If the file was empty, pick the next number. This would work in either version (you'd use a table for the SQL version). This would also incur a much lower overhead on a Links 2.0 system than trying to find the missing numbers each time.

Unfortunately, I don't work with the flat file version any longer, or have it running on any site.

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