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Due to work commitments, my software developer has had to call time on a new Gossamer Threads based wedding directory project, so it remains only partially completed. (I don’t have the time to complete this myself so I am consequently looking for quotes to finish it.)

The partially finished website can be found at: http://www.i-do-directory.co.uk . The existing look and feel is pretty much what I want, however there are a number of features and functionality that still need to be added so below are the project requirements which may or may not be possible with Gossamer Threads but is what I would like.

Page structure throughout the website:
  • Header Login/Register to be replaced with Country and Region filtered Search similar to that seen on topweddingsites.com. (The structure of this is to be based around UK counties rather than American states)
  • Top Menu to retain home links but to also include links to pages for Honeymoons, Articles & Tips, Tools and Top Rated. (Blank pages for Honeymoons and Articles etc also need to be created)
  • Left menu to contain categories on all pages
  • Footer Menu to include links to "Advertise", "Contact", "Sitemap", "Terms & Conditions", FAQ's and "privacy policy" (sitemap page generator if available with Gossamer, other pages can be left blank for me to fill with content)
  • Home Page body will contain category images which I will be responsible for. (Is it possible to have a different homepage for each Country filter that would show country related images rather than the standard generic homepage ones ??)

Listings Structure:
  • All advertisers will be listed in order of votes with no premium rankings
  • All subscribing advertisers will receive a url thumbnail of website and description along with a website url as standard.
  • All listings are to show a Referrals Total as standard see: http://www.topweddingsites.co.uk/wedding-decorations.html , Location & Regions Covered see: http://www.weddingchaos.co.uk/Directory/wedding_dresses.asp as well as the category title see: http://www.i-do.com.au/weddings/wedding-services.asp?title=-Wedding-Dresses&Mcat=2&Region=2000 and an add to favourites link.

  • Payment tol be configured using Pay pal

Extras which will be chargeable for clients:
  • Details page including content and several images
  • Addition to listings of Specials, Video & Map icon to link to popup page containing related customer info.
(There are a couple of other little tweaks that i want but they can be dicussed once the main body of work is completed.)

I am aware that a lot of the above are available as a plug-in so a lot of the work will merely be installation of these, however it will also cover some bespoke work so I am only looking for someone who is very competent with Gossamer Threads and coding.

Since I am not entirely sure what the previous developer has done, it may be simpler to start from scratch but that will be something else to dicuss with the whoever wins the work (If this is the case I’ll configure the majority of the css and existing categories table can be saved and imported once new build has been completed .)

Along with your quote please include possible timeframe