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Three separate Directories - three Licenses necessary?

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Three separate Directories - three Licenses necessary?
Hi, I already mentioned my development goal here:

Now, I have the idea of making three different version of the directory. One for Austria, one for Germany and one for Switzerland.
Having to duplicate all the categories wouldn't be too elegant, but oh well.
The cool thing is that I could have a neat local ZIP code search in each of the three directories.

Now, would I have to buy THREE licences? I mean, basically I want one big directory with three countries as the root categories. But I don't want the search function nor the ZIP code search to search all the categories, but only the ones under the "active" top category. Furthermore, I don't want the three countries displayed as categories on the homepage. I'd rather want some small flags at the top of the page, with one "local" version selected at startup.
Is this possible?

Thanks, KSchmidt
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Re: [kschmidt] Three separate Directories - three Licenses necessary? In reply to
Based on my understanding, I believe you can do such setup with just 1 install of GLinks.
  • Setup countries as top level category (Andy's multi category plugin can save you time if you have too many categories to add)
  • Edit home.html so instead of showing categories, it shows country flags or names as you desire.
  • Edit search forms, so that it searches only within categories of your choice.

Hope this helps.