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Table Editor has no active links

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Table Editor has no active links
If I enter the Tools area and select a link in the Table Editor area I get a page that states "By clicking on one of the column names, you can view more details as well as alter the column definition." but none of the Column Name titles have active links, they're just text. Is this something I've done during installation or failed to activate something somewhere?
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Re: [MJB] Table Editor has no active links In reply to
The links are purposely hidden in GForum to keep people from modifying system columns which can seriously break GForum in all sorts of interesting ways. It is still possible to get at the editor by accessing it directly by changing a URL - for example, this URL edits the user_real_name column (which *is* one of the linked columns):


By changing the 'User' and 'user_real_name' sections of the URL, you can access other columns:


- edits the username column.

That said, I have to strongly discourage you from making any changes to system columns as they are depended upon in various ways by Gossamer Forum, and I cannot guarantee that changing them won't break something.

Jason Rhinelander
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