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Pagebuilder link problem in static mode

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Pagebuilder link problem in static mode
I am using Pagebuilder to build link and simple pages.

The following link works perfectly in dynamic mode and only once in static mode. When clicking on the link a second time in static mode an additional folder appears in the file path ( ie. /folder/file.html becomes /folder/folder/file.html)

The problem only occurs with a simple page while other links pages that use the same syntax there is no problem in dynamic or static mode.

<a href="<%if d%><%db_cgi_url%>/page.cgi?page=pagename<%else%>folder/page.html<%endif%>">About RENX</a>

In page builder the build directory is the same folder specified in the static path shown above. Nevertheless this same syntax works for a PageBuider links page.

There is no doubt a simple solution but I am stuck.
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Re: [awhite] Pagebuilder link problem in static mode In reply to

Try this:-

<a href="<%if d%><%db_cgi_url%>/page.cgi?page=pagename<%else%><%build_static_url%>/folder/page.html<%endif%>">About RENX</a>

You should *always*, when using PageBuilder and/or when using a combination of Dynamic and Static Pages use either 'absolute urls' eg. <a href="/page.html"> or use the <%build_static_url%> tag.

Hope this helps,



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Re: [Clint] Pagebuilder link problem in static mode In reply to
Thank you Clint that solved the problem.

I added <%build_root_url%> rather than <%build_static_url%> which I assume is what you meant.

I think the incorrect path was working with some links and not others because the browser was able to render the error. Really not sure though.