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Purpose/performance of DBMan SQL

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Purpose/performance of DBMan SQL
Okay, well, I don't use DBMan for anything professional, just a site that a bunch of horse loving people like myself use. I'm what might be called an intermediate beginner, because I know how to do quite a bit with DBMan, but by no means could I ever go and program something like that on my own. Most of Perl just goes right over my head (although I am only 15).

Now, I'm just wondering, but, what does DBMan SQL do, exactly? I mean, what does it do in contrast to regular DBMan? What is the difference in how you set it up, what it does, how it works, what you can do with it, etc. etc.? I'm just wondering, because I'd like to know for future reference. Is it something for intermediate beginners like myself, who know little of Perl, everything of HTML, and nothing of SQL?