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FastNet99: Neat App

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FastNet99: Neat App
I've been playing with FastNet99 (http://w3.quipo.it/gcriaco/), which is an app that is supposed to speed up web browsing.

It basically adds entries into your local HOST file rather than going through remote DNS to lookup websites, you can import Favorite/Bookmarks and it checks for the current IP address of those websites and inserts them into your local HOST file.

By doing this, web browsing does seem to be improved.

It's also a nice app to manage your HOST file, like if you have a local web server installed and use name hosting, you can update the HOST file more easily than through a text editor (which if you have typos from manual updates, your web server may not run anymore).

Has anyone tried this app? If so, what has been your experience using it?
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