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using advertpro plugin across gt apps

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using advertpro plugin across gt apps
Can the Advertpro plugin for LSQL be used with GTforum or does this require a second plugin in purchase?

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Re: [ccunet] using advertpro plugin across gt apps In reply to

Sorry about the late reply on this! A second plugin is required, however, it is significantly cheaper as it will use the same copy of AdvertPRO. Contact us for more info.


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Re: [ccunet] using advertpro plugin across gt apps In reply to
Advert Pro allows you to use your copy of the program for just about anything, except reselling of the code. You can use it in multiple programs on one domain, or set up a banner service to sell (or use) banners on multiple domains, so long as the code itself is only running in one location.

GT has several plugins to make it easier to configure Advert Pro to work with their apps. Their plugins add features to the specific application, not actually to Advert Pro, so you need a plugin (or user-friendly adapter) for each of the GT programs you want to run Advert pro _more_easily_ with.

It's possible -- and many people do -- run Advert Pro with GT programs without using plugins, but the plugins make it easier, and add functionality specifically for that program you'd either have to do without, or code yourself.

I'm just trying to clear up the issue here. The GT Plugins are "user friendly adapters" for Advert Pro, so you'd need one adapter per program you want to run -- but only one copy of Advert Pro is needed for any amount of banner serving up to the limits of the program -- (see http://advertpro.com for more) (they even have a Pittsburgh office <G>).

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