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Category ID

I created 55 categories and subcategories. I deleted 53 and 54. (No data yet.) What i want to know is can i create two sub categories in MysqlMan using 53 and 54 as ID field?

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Re: [hegu] Category ID In reply to
The main problem with making subcategories of a non-existing category, is that when you want to make them live, there will be a link up problem with the ID's matching up with the FatherID.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Category ID In reply to

Number 53 and 54 are sub categories of No.11 category. i created them and deleted.

So can i create two sub categories under No.11 using 53 and 54 IDs in Mysqlman?(by clicking 'Insert' under tables tab)

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Re: [hegu] Category ID In reply to
Why do you need ID exactly 53 and 54?
Does this matter for you in any way???
Create with Links, and you will have it, numbered as 56 and 57.
ID value really does not matter, unless you have really good reason to have special values...

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