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Spam problem with Links 2.0

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Spam problem with Links 2.0
Dear forum,

I am having a spam problem with my Links 2.0 site. My site is devoted to resources dealing with ancient Greek and Roman world, and has categories like Law, Medicine, Sport.

Now, for some time I've been getting massive additions to database, mostly from Germany - from various sports teams and lawyers mostly. I think that they use some kind of program which searches for links categories of their interest (e.g. sports) and makes additions (sometimes five times or more). Frown

Is there any help and has anyone suffered similar?



P.S. I do use confirmation procedure, so at least the links can not be viewed publicly and I can delete them. But it takes time and energy.

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morel: Dec 2, 2002, 1:50 AM
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Try the first link first. If that dosen't work for you, try the others. The posts are long, look to their ends for the answer.

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Spam problem with Links 2.0 In reply to
Thanks for help. I see that the question has come up before, and folks have had a lot more spam than me...