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php ads
Can this be used with linksSQL? I cannot seem to get it to work right... unless I use the static html pages.

Can it be used with dynamic pages? Anyone know...
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Can't it be used with the PHP pages in LinksSQL? You can select in admin somewhere to build php pages instead of html, I believe.

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Re: [6foot4] php ads In reply to
Are you using phpAdsNew?

If you are this program works 'perfectly' in both static and dynamic modes. Due to the coding it is also easy to setup specific banners/text ads etc to appear in each category.


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Re: [Clint] php ads In reply to
it seems to be the type of mode I use to call it... wouldn't work with cgi for some reason.

This is what I was using... first code goes at top of page.. 2nd code goes where I want banner to show.


<? view("keyword", 0, "", "", 1); ?>

That would not work... so I changed it and it is working now. (the following is what I am using)

<a href='http://www.simcoeclassifieds.com/phpAdsNew/adclick.php' target='blank'><img src='http://www.simcoeclassifieds.com/phpAdsNew/adview.php?what=bottom468&target=blank' WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" border='1'></a>