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I have a client that has several thousand .html files I want to include in my links directory, but I need to insert <%include filename%> into each one of them. Is there a program or a way to insert this into the first or last line of each file automatically without doing it manually? When I am finished, I will have about 200 categories with 90 .html files in each one. What I want to do is create a category_file.html for each one and have the <%include%> in the category file for each individual file.
Suggestions anyone???...

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Re: [Kilroy] Templates In reply to
If you use a HTML Editor such as DreamWeaver or HomeSite you can use the Search and Replace option.

Just pick out a bit of text before the portion where you want to add the new text and .... like magic!


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Re: [Clint] Templates In reply to
I use homesite, but the problem is, I want to insert the <%include%> at the very first line of each file, and each of them differ. I though there might be a way to create a template, and then import each peice of html into them??

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Re: [Kilroy] Templates In reply to
Hmmmm, couldn't you use PHP to do this?
I mean there should be some common syntax.

You could use then PHP and RegEx to find the correct place and insert that piece of code.



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