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help API C & MySQL

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help API C & MySQL
Hi you all. A newbie question:

I've installed mySQL in my computer (with Win98), and it works fine. But i've tried to access via C API and I can't. I compile my program and it says Unresolved External: mysql_connect referenced from c:\borland\bcc55\bin\myfile.obj.. and several errors like this. I've included the #include <mysql.h> line in my program... and I guess the program hasn't mistakes since compiling don't appear, they appear while linking.

I wonder if I've performed okay with the libraries... could any of you tell me how to do it this?

Thank you all ;)
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Re: [barni07] help API C & MySQL In reply to
Did you read the following thread?


Aki posted some really good C API resources and you might have luck with contacting barry and other users in that thread for assistance.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] help API C & MySQL In reply to
I'd read that thread, but they don't solve my problem. I've browsed the links that they posted, and there's just an overview of the API, the functions, structures, and so on.. but they don't say how you can start with it, and install the libraries properly..

I've copied the mysqlclient.lib file into the c:\borland\bcc55\lib folder, but I get the same results: nothing

I guess it shouldn't be that difficult... if one knows :(